Meet Cliff the Triceratops at the Museum of Science

A towering skeleton of a triceratops. Butterflies floating from one flower to the next. A virtual reality version of a flight over Boston. These are just a handful of the attractions that await you at the Museum of Science. This museum celebrates all aspects of science, from natural history to cutting-edge technology. Between its permanent and temporary exhibits, kids and adults alike will learn a lot and enjoy the ride.

Start in the Butterfly Garden to watch the transformation from caterpillar to butterfly as it unfolds before your eyes in the Emergence Box, and then explore the rest of the garden to see the winged creatures in flight. Then meet Cliff, the triceratops skeleton who anchors the Colossal Fossil exhibit. He was unearthed in the Dakota Badlands more than a decade ago, but he remains one of the only nearly complete triceratops skeletons in the world. Stop at the Thrill Ride 360 to design your own rollercoaster ride or go for a simulated flight over the Boston skyline, see what's showing in the IMAX theater, and explore the visiting exhibits at the Museum of Science.