Learn About American History at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

Even non-history buffs know the basics of the Boston Tea Party. It was a key turning point in the early days of the American Revolution, a protest against the tariffs that Great Britain had implemented in its colonies. Enraged colonists exhibited their disdain for the new tariffs by tossing crates of British tea into the Boston Harbor. This creative act of defiance lives on today at the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum.

The museum plunges guests into the midst of the Boston Tea Party with costumed actors playing the roles of the real people who participated that day. Start by touring the restored 18th-century ships where the colonists committed this history-changing act, then actually get the chance to dump some tea just like they did. Explore the museum to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the Tea Party, and head to Abigail’s Tea Room for a cup.