Kamakura: A Three-Story Japanese Dining Experience

Kamakura, which opened in November, offers more than just Japanese cuisine. This restaurant, named after the town in Japan where chef and owner Youji Iwakura is from, spans three stories, and each level has its own experience to deliver to diners.

On the first floor, diners can sit at a long, sleek kaiseki bar to indulge in seasonal, multi-course tasting menu of small bites. (A la carte options are also available.) A bistro-style dining room can be found on the second level, which also offers bento boxes during the lunch hour on weekdays. Make your way up to the third floor and you’ll find a bar and lounge called Kumo, meaning “cloud” in Japanese, with a wide variety of sake. Kumo has a retractable roof, ideal for having a drink under the stars on a warm summer night.