Now Open Near Park Lane Seaport: Casarecce Italian Restaurant

Casarecce is a new Italian spot in the North End, and their cuisine and atmosphere is as classic as they come. The pasta dishes are a must, and all the various noodle shapes and stuffed varieties are made on site each day. Indulge in rich bowls of gnocchi amatriciana, lobster ravioli, and pappardelle Bolognese. Casarecce isn’t the place to go on the first day of your diet, especially when your eyes peer down through the menu to see the entrees. Veal saltimbocca and chicken parmigiana make it hard to avoid a two-course dinner of pasta and an entrée. 

The dining area is as inviting as the food, and you’ll find crisp white tablecloths, intimate seating, and plenty of natural light from the open storefront. Casarecce has only been open a few months, but is just the neighborhood spot that Hanover Street needed. Make your reservation on their website, and learn where to park (they validate!) for easy access to the restaurant.