Play Tourist in Your City With a Visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum

You could learn about history, or you could live it when you visit the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum. A visit to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum gives you a hand-on experience to appreciate the beginning act of the American Revolution in a way that no tradition museum display ever could. Reenact this pivotal point in Boston’s past with a stroll through the museum, a ‘live’ meeting with Samuel Adams to discuss your role in the Destruction of the Tea, and finally relive the act of rebellion of pitching the tea overboard from a custom recreation of a 18thcentury merchant vessel. End your day with a trip to Abigail’s Tea Room for lunch, baked goods and, of course, tea. 

Check out the website for tour packages. The Patriot Package is your best value, and includes admission to the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum plus a one-day trolley pass and more. Don’t miss the tour that TripAdvisor voted the best family attraction in Boston.