Cabinets Bare at Park Lane Seaport? Restock at Foodie’s

Foodie’s feels like a local grocery store, not a big-chain supermarket, and the reason for that is simple—it is. The South Boston location is one of just two branches of Foodie’s, so its team has the time to cultivate a community-oriented atmosphere, both through customer service and top-notch products.

That being said, the market still boasts a full inventory of everything you could need, from fresh deli meats to organic produce. Stop by foodies to pick up a few artisan cheeses and meats for a homemade charcuterie platter or stock up on baked treats crafted in-house. Grab pantry staples such as pasta, canned goods, and coffee or check out the selection of beer and wine. And don’t forget to peruse the seafood and meats section, which always boasts high-quality cuts and filets.